Do you put off doing laundry to avoid ironing, yet end up leaving yourself with hours’ worth of work?
Does the idea of coming home after a busy day to a mountain of housework make staying at the office even the slightest bit tempting?
Affordable Ironing, a premier ironing service based out of Sydney, can help. In business since 1990, we have perfected the art of ironing, and can handle everything from tiny baby clothes to long, pleated, delicate dresses. Whether you need your dress shirts pressed every week or you have an event coming up and don’t have time to get your garments ready, Affordable Ironing can help.
The truth is that there are a million different tasks that one needs to accomplish every day just to keep their lives running smoothly. And for the busy professional, keeping up with those tasks can often seem overwhelming. By turning over the job of ironing to us, you’ll free up hours in your week so that maybe, just maybe, you can spend time doing something other than working or taking care of the household!
We provide free pickup and delivery for orders over $30 all over Sydney Inner West, and can take your weekly ironing off your hands completely. There is no other ironing service in the area that provides the same level of professionalism and customer service than Affordable Ironing, and all for a price that anyone can afford.
Call us today on 0400 400 096 to find out exactly how we can make your life just a little bit easier!